Friday, June 20, 2014

Glaze Kiln Results

Just an update on the castle projects, since I realized I never ended up posting what they came out like after the glaze kiln. The kids did a great job layering on their underglaze, and I had given each a quick dunk in the clear glaze before firing. I think the glazes help to highlight all the ways in which students chose to build and add onto the basic castle tower structure.

Students each spent 1-2 classes building their pieces, and I let them dry for over a week before firing to prevent warping.

Exterior staircases were an easy way to finish off the towers and blend in where students attached the sides together.

I like the fence/gateway this student built to make her project look finished.

This piece was built by one of my youngest students, who was very creative in her explanation of every castle feature, from the stairs, to rock ladders, gardens, and more.

If you look closely, there is a floating bunk near the top of the center tower in this primary-color themed complex.

These were pendants that students created during our first class together. Somehow they got lost in the studio shuffle, and suddenly reappeared at the end of our semester.

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