Saturday, February 1, 2014

Studio Update

Since my last post, I have been spending a lot of time working in my studio, so I thought I'd share a more recent view of how the bench is working out. 

This picture was taken first thing this morning, before I had my tea and got started working. I like being able to leave projects in-process out and accessible. Anyways, there are a few things I've added that seem to be working out well, including a cast iron swing-arm plant hook that holds the flex shaft motor.

 The plant hook belonged to my grandmother, who gave it to my mom, who recently found it in storage and gave it to me! 

The lamp was a project I helped my dad design, using some welded, and some cold connections to help it adjust and swing wherever I need light. It stared with a standard drafting lamp, but the only parts we kept were the shade and cord kit. 

Most recently, I added some small Command hooks for wall storage, and a saw blade holder made from scrap wood, drilled to fit clear plastic tubes of saw blades in various sizes.  The saw blade holder reminds me of a test tube holder you might see in a lab. To keep the saw blade holder from getting knocked over, I added a couple of those Velcro picture hanging strips to hold it to the wall. 

I want to post photos of the pieces I made today, but it will have to wait until there is more daylight. It was a busy day in my studio!