Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Peacock Pottery

My clay class worked on painting and finishing up their peacock bowls last night. (We said they were "peacock-inspired" or "magical peacocks" because we didn't use real peacock feathers...). This lesson was prompted by a link I found on Pinterest to this site: Peacock Palooza Mixed Mediahowever, I am not sure if it's the original source or not-there weren't any steps or details.  

After making a basic pinchpot, students added and shaped the bird heads and made holes around the back to later hold feathers. They worked on making them as smooth as possible so the painting process would be easier.  Once fired in the bisque kiln, the pots were painted with black, green or violet acrylic paint, and sparkly details were added with metallic paint. Kids then got to hunt and dig for their favorite feather combinations. A dot of glue held each feather in place once the final feathery composition had been arranged. 

This one has a feathered crown. 

We brainstormed some ideas about what we could put in our bowls....bracelets, barrettes, rings and well as what NOT to keep in our bird bowls (food and candles-stay away!)

All the birds, tucked in to roost!

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