Thursday, October 10, 2013

Year-long Living-room Overhaul

This is my living room a year ago.

We had just moved in and unpacked. This was it. 

I know it's only an iPhone pic, but this shows some of what we've done in the past year. 
The basic guts of the room stayed the same--the couch, two side chairs, side tables, and the floor pillow are all the same. I did, however, make some color and pattern changes that really give the room a warm, cozy feel. The rug's nothing fancy, just a Home Depot special.  But I think what made the greatest impact were the wall and window updates. The dark walls and tall curtains add height to what's actually a fairly small room. The fabric, plain white muslin, provides much needed contrast against the dark walls and was a bargain at around $2.00 a yard with a coupon.  I didn't want to spend the money on cafe clips to hang them, so I sewed loops on the back of each panel. The curtains and bamboo shades are also hung higher than the height of the window to make the space feel larger.  Even though there are quite a few different patterns, it's more unified than what I had before, because the color holds it together. 

I am still trying to figure out what this odd little area below the way-up-high cabinets requires. Not another flat, framed picture, but something...something is still missing here...

Here're the details on this little room:
Paint color -Benjamin Moore, Newburyport Blue
White curtains -white muslin, handmade by me
Bamboo blinds
Floor pillow, blanket basket, gold mirror -HomeGoods
Rug -Home Depot
Cherry and steel coffee table, stump side table-handmade by my Dad
Lamps -HomeGoods and thrift store finds, repainted
Wingback chair -recovered, Uzbek Jewel, P. Kaufman
Side chair -Craigslist, recovered in grey
Art -collected. Some is my own work, others are from people I went to school with, people I know. Some is less exciting reprinted stuff that I just happened to like. 
Antique town map - Rustology in Stafford Springs
Bench -handmade by my Dad when I was a kid 
Pillows -the feather one and grey one I made, the round pillow is from LauraFrisk, on etsy
Wicker chair -was in the house when we moved in; cushion recovered

The pellet stove is so cozy this time of year. 

I have enjoyed figuring this room out and putting it together from so many different pieces

Inspiration for this room really started with this fabric I found over three years ago. I bought it from JoAnn's Special Order department with a 60% off coupon (the best kind!), hoping to redo a wingback chair. Although I loved the motif, I was waiting for the perfect chair and space in which to use it, so the fabric sat on a bolt on my dresser for years, just looking at me. When we moved here, this chair was kindly left with the house, and I had the inspiration for this room ready and loaded to go. 

Here is a close-up of the wingback chair fabric-love the elephants and crocodiles!  
P. Kaufman Uzbek Jewel

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