Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bedside Table Goes Green

This is a wrap-up on how my bedside table turned out, after having the piece on my to-do list for pretty much a year.

After many struggles, gobs of goo, and a broken bottom shelf, it started to look like the end was in sight.

I replaced the broken wood, and filled the cracks with wood filler, before giving it a darker final coat of "primer" (in this case, leftover "Newburyport Blue" flat wall paint, mixed with white primer.  

This, I think, could very well be referred to as this tables "ugly duckling" phase.  It's gotta get bad before it can get better, right?  Oouffff.....

The table and I went indoors for the glossy green coat--Benjamin Moore's Advance Water-based paint in "Celtic Green."  Then I added a knob from Anthropologie that is pretty sweet--made from a geode!  It looks soooo much prettier in person, too--the outside has swirls of blue and the same green that's in the table, and the center is cloudy, purply-grey quartz.

It was dark out by the time the table was dry (and unstinky) enough to put upstairs next to the bed, so lighting was a struggle.  I topped it with the piece of glass my friend had gotten cut to fit the table many years ago.  It's nice to know that I won't have to worry about the tabletop getting scratched by my books, phone, etc. every night.  

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