Monday, September 2, 2013

Sticky Foam Starfish Mosaics

These are just some shots I thought I'd share of the last project I had my students do this summer.  I was scanning through my album and remembered I had wanted to post this project.  Better late than never!

I introduced this project by showing images of mosaics to the class, especially ones that went with our "oceans" theme. I have tried other mosaic projects with students, and they quickly tire of cutting and gluing, so I figured we'd try sticky foam on construction paper--and it was a hit! I had a wide age range in my group, all ages between five and ten years old in one group!  The last project on the last day has to be a kind of "make and take" with no drying time, so this really worked out! 

The kids had a great time! The project took about two hours, and I had a station set up with extra Model Magic from an earlier project for them to use when they were done (if they stayed quiet and in one spot!--floor, chair, whatever!), although many took the entire time.  We discussed radial symmetry, and mosaic process, although this could also work for a pattern or color-choice lesson.  

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