Sunday, September 15, 2013

Progress on a table makeover

At the beginning of the summer, my friend Louise gave me a table she had had for a long time.  It is a pretty neat table, with a nice shape, and a tiny drawer under the bottom shelf.  She had given the table a few updates over the years, most recently a textured finish.  I decided to update the table once again by stripping the table down and reprinting it to fit my style, and gave it a sanding to see if that could help smooth the texture down at all.  It just didn't do the trick, so I started stripping it with citrus-based paint remover.  UGH! What a process! 

I started this process two months ago in the driveway, and left gooey globs everywhere that won't come up, and had the table sitting in our porch for the rest of the summer, looking all sad and busted up.  

Before make-over

Mid-makeover, I think I'm about halfway there, wouldn't ya say?

I wish I took a few progress shots, but I was so frustrated and paint-goo-covered that I couldn't even begin to think about documenting it. Just picture me trying to scrape yellow goo away, and then realize  that there were several more layers to scrape away.  First yellow, then I think it was a periwinkle blue, and under that I actually found a very detailed miniature painting of a frontier town that Louise had painted, signed and dated 1992.  I wish I had gotten a shot of that, too-it felt very archeological-dig to me! 

Yesterday I put on a final coat of the citrus stripper, and let it sit a few hours.  I scrubbed it with a metal brush and a rag, then this morning I took mineral spirits and a toothbrush to it, trying to clean up the rest of the goo. I hope I was doing the right thing, I don't even know! The metal scraper and brush I used gouged up the surface pretty badly; I made a lot more work for myself that I need to go over and clean up with the detail sander.  UGH! 

So that's where I am at on this project.  Time to get the sander...and some wood glue.....and some putty....

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