Monday, September 30, 2013

A Useful Tray to Put Things In

This project actually began with a trip to the paint store, where I bought paint for my yet-unfinished bedside table. I found the Best Green Ever, Benjamin Moore's Celtic Green, and ordered it in the fancy Advance series, satin finish, recommended for furniture. And before I even got started on my original project, a quick stop at AC Moore with one of those reward coupons burning a hole in my pocket got me looking at these unfinished wooden trays.

I could see one of these in that bold green, with some kind of fancy paper lining the bottom, so I got the stuff together and got working on this quick-ish project.

I got my tray primed and recruited my mom, with her stained glass-cutting expertise, to help me cut some old picture frame glass down to size. 

Thanks, Mom! Third time's the charm!

Two coats of Celtic Green later, and here we are! 

Other projects finished this weekend include a color adjustment in the wall pigmentation (from kapow! Patriot Blue to something else, a little more like what I was originally going for), and a redo on the above lamp. I can't believe I forgot a picture on this one--just envision a big, peachy, heirloom-ish tomato with green streaks running vertically in a quasi-pearlescent glaze, topped with a burlap shade at least two sizes too large. Got the picture? Got it?

Only a new shade and half a can of Krylon later, you get this shiny, bulbous blossom of illumination. Squee! I love a good lamp. 

Still on the to-do list for this week: my table, my table, my time-consuming, sort of haunting, full-of-lovely-potential-table!

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