Monday, July 22, 2013

Snorkeling Self-portraits

Today marks the beginning of "Oceans and Sea World" week at camp.  One of the projects we started today was Underwater/Snorkeling Self-Portraits and they were so much fun.  I had the students trace a template to get a good-sized head with pencil, then we quickly switched to oil pastels, which were a hit.  We outlined our SCUBA suits in black before starting in on facial features.  My oil pastels are sorted by color into "hot," "cool," and "neutral" containers that I let them hunt through.

The students used handheld mirrors to see how big their eyes were and how far apart.  After this step, I let them have free reign over what they drew next.  I encouraged them to keep looking at their faces for reference.  We also talked about what our hair does underwater and looked at images for examples.   

The last step we got done today was adding the snorkel masks. These were cut out with a template that I made before hand and glued on.  Tomorrow I am hoping to have them complete their work with a background, using different values of blue tissue paper.  

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