Thursday, July 11, 2013

River Otter for CSA

One of the projects I have planned for "Streams, Brooks, Rivers, and Ponds" week at the Community School of the Arts.

To make the paper, I followed the instructions for shaving cream marbling with liquid watercolors that I found here:

The only difference was the adding/mixing of brown into the shaving cream BEFORE applying blobs of marbling colors--I thought it helped tone down the contrast and give more of a "river/pond" feel.

I used two pieces of watercolor paper and pulled three marbled prints off the same tray of shaving cream--first, I did the brown, to which I added a drop or two of turquoise paint, and then I did two half-pieces of paper with cool colors on the brown background.  Then I tore the pages and collaged them together.  I also have a worksheet on "how to draw an otter portrait" that I need to scan still.  I am excited about my lesson!!

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