Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Technical Difficulties

So yesterday's sketch was a total bust.  I spent like 30 minutes working on it, only to have Painter freeze and loose everything.  I tried a second time, with a new sketch, but Painter is running so slow (that, or my computer is....) that the drawing fell stagnant and gross.  I had to wait like 10 seconds in between each brushstroke while the evil pinwheel of doom spun and spun...

I'm not sure where the problem is, or how to even go about finding it.  I tried a new sketch tonight, using only one tool, and it seemed to work fine, but I'm afraid once I start using watercolor brushes it'll go nuts again.  I reinstalled Painter with no difference in success....it could be something to do with my computer, the program, or the tablet.  No. Idea.

Tonight's sketch:  a "testing, testing, 123...wtf is going on" sketch.  Chris put these shelves up for me over the weekend.  They are closer to level in real life.

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