Saturday, March 3, 2012

Symmetry sketch

Trying out the symmetry options in Corel 12 and my trial expired.  While waiting for the copy I ordered to come in, I used Corel 4 Essentials that came with my tablet.

Looking at this, I think it's pretty obvious that I'm wicked tired, but since I was slacking yesterday in the posting dept, thought I'd send it up anyways.  Trying to find time to finish some fun projects before I put them up. This one's super-half-done, but a sketch is a sketch.  On another note, I need to remember to take my camera places so I can  take pictures of pots that I'm making (a few pitchers today) and maybe that'd give me a way to step back and think about what I could do to them to make them more awesome and less "blah."

Things on my Art (and "Sort-of-Like-Art") To-do List:
• organize materials/ clear desk
• hang some prints and paintings
• finish 3 tablet projects (in particular)
• repair canvas/stretchers for unfinished painting so i can get back to painting it.  I need to cut some triangles to keep it from warping.  Too big.
• lesson plans!
• materials lists!
• throw pots that aren't boring
• library run
• garden projects to get started (need some compost!)
• there's some photos I should be if only I could remember my camera

That's it for tonight!

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