Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New paints, wahoo!!!

Just doodling, testing out some new watercolors.  I see all these people who do awesome watercolors, and I never really got into that, at least not as much as I'd like to.  I've been thinking I need to give it another shot, so I got these Sargent "Watercolor Magic paints, after hearing how great they are on SmartART's "favorites" list and I got them here:  Sargent Watercolor Magic.  Anyways, the colors are awesome--very bright, more so than shown here, but I just liked the lines and chunkiness in this drawing.  Maybe I will post some more coming up, to show how crazy these colors are.  But hey, while I'm at it here's another w/c sketch:

Note how BRIGHT those colors are @ the bottom!!  I think I am more siked about how much fun it was to draw with these than with my final drawings.  Really wasn't out for an "end-result" or product, just trying something new out.  They do neat "crispy-crunchy things" on the edges where the colored water bumps into the dry paper.  Yay, art supplies!!

Tomorrow night we're doing some great stuff in All Things Art--can't wait!  (Kind of wishing classes were a just a liiiittle longer, or maybe even twice a week, so we'd have more art time.)

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