Monday, January 30, 2012


Sketch is, not every picture is a winner but first thing's first:  The goal of this blog (blogs have those, right?) will be: post one thing up here each day.  A sketch, maybe?  Sentence fragments are allowed, as this is an art blog, not an English blog... I think I'm somehow picking up in the middle, so here's a little bit about the author before (well, after, really) I get started:  

I'm an art girl.  A teacher, painter, scribbler of pictures, and shaper of things.  You might say that I find joy in the manipulation of my environment (but that sounds somanipulative???)  That's not quite right, but then, maybe?  I like to see what can be made.  Well, I like art and the stuff" from which we make it. 

I know blogs have been done before" and art blogs, perhaps more than any other. But then drawing's been done before," and paintingand every other medium, really.  Still artists keep painting, drawing, and manage to come up with new" all the time.  Here goes.  We'll see what happens!